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  1. This factsheet outlines the legal definition of child abuse and neglect; the different types of abuse and neglect; and the signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect, including human trafficking. It also includes information on how to effectively identify and report maltreatment and refer children who have been maltreated as well as additional resources.
  2. Synonyms for neglect in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for neglect. 72 synonyms for neglect: disregard, ignore, leave alone, turn your back on, fail to look after, shirk, forget, overlook, omit, evade, pass over, skimp. What are synonyms for neglect?
  3. Neglect is the ongoing failure to meet a child's basic needs and the most common form of child abuse2. A child might be left hungry or dirty, or without proper clothing, shelter, supervision or health care. This can put children and young people in danger. And it can also have long term effects on their physical and mental wellbeing.
  4. Nov 25,  · Childhood emotional neglect is a failure of parents or caregivers to respond to a child’s emotional needs. This type of neglect can have long-term consequences, as well as short-term, almost.
  5. negligence are occasionally interchangeable, but neglect commonly refers to an instance, negligence to the habit or trait, of failing to attend to or perform what is expected or required: gross neglect of duty; .
  6. neglect and disregard mean to pass over something without giving it any or enough attention. neglect is used when a person does not give, whether deliberately or not, enough attention to something that deserves or requires attention.
  7. Dec 03,  · Neglect is more than not being able to use the recovering side. Think of it as a lack of awareness of that side. This common effect of stroke can reduce the possibility of independent living and increase the potential of painful injury. However, there are several techniques that help improve awareness of the recovering side.
  8. As used by U.S. courts, the term neglect denotes the failure of responsibility on the part of defendants or attorneys. Neglect is related to the concept of Negligence, but its rather limited use in the law sets it apart from that much broader doctrine. Generally speaking, neglect means omitting or failing to do something that is required.
  9. Neglect is usually typified by an ongoing pattern of inadequate care that may be readily observed by individuals in close contact with a child. School personnel, for example, may detect indicators.