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Bestial Command


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  1. Cast Kill Command. Follow your normal rotation. Opener with Primal Instincts: Use Bestial Wrath seconds before the pull. If you are using Condensed Life-Force you should precast it instead and use Bestial Wrath at the 0-seconds left. Cast Barbed Shot twice. Cast Aspect of the Wild. Cast A Murder of Crows. Cast Kill Command. Cast Cobra Shot.
  2. It is a good idea to include a command to force your pet to switch to your current important target. We recommend tying this line to abilities like Kill Command for Beast Mastery Hunters, Aimed Shot for Marksmanship Hunters, and Kill Command for Survival Hunters, as these are abilities you tend to use on your primary target.
  3. Explore releases from the Bestial Burst label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Bestial Burst releases.
  4. Among the lowest races the culture-hero commonly wears a bestial guise, is a spider (Melanesia), an eagle hawk (in some myths and south-east Australia), a coyote (north-west America), a dog or raven (Thlinkeet), a mantis insect (Bushman), and so forth, yet is endowed with human or even super-human qualities, and often shades off into a permanent and practically deathless god.
  5. Cast Sequence is a good way to line up the spells that you want to use in a row. As the spells have different cooldowns you can use this information to build up your macro. You can also add a reset time to your macro in case you want the cast sequence to reset if it's not used in a defined amount of time. I usually set reset around 3 seconds.
  6. Jul 25,  · #showtooltip Rapid Fire /cast Rapid Fire /cast Bestial Wrath /cast Focus Fire /cast Intimidation /cast 13 /cast 14 /cast Ancient Hysteria BM DPS Rotation Macro for Patch I made this using an older Hunter macro while in IF testing out rotations to find a steady shot rotation that wouldn't starve for focus while maintaining a solid DPS.